Join us on a tour on Roko Island.

Our transfer vessel will meet you at our pick up point

(Punsand Bay beach or Seisia wharf depending on your booking). Roko Island is only a short, pleasant boat ride from Mainland (10 min from Punsand Bay and 20-25 min from Seisia wharf). While travelling you will discover a few islands of the Torres Strait, in particular the iconic Possession Island where Captain Cook stood to claim the east coast of Australia.

When you arrive, you will get off on Roko's floating jetty. Our staff will show you the art of making pearls. You will then witness the birth of a pearl during the harvesting operation. A sample of fresh pearl meat will be offered for the more adventurous.

Back on the island you will have the opportunity to purchase a pearl jewellery directly from it's place of birth.

Our care taker will take you around the island to visit the old stone Jetty. At times, there is a 4m crocodile and if you are lucky enough, you might spot it on your visit.

A complimentary tea and coffee will be served. 

While waiting for the return trip to Mainland, kickback, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Roko Island.


Tour fees: $90 Adults 

                  $45 children under 12 years old
Departure from Seisia wharf and Punsand Bay.

Duration of the tour between 3 to 4 hours.

Roko Island via Seisia

Seisia QLD 4876

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