Roko Island is a part of 274 islands which forms the Torres Strait.

At 8275 m2, it's one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Torres Strait. 

Roko island's population consists of 2 permanent residents (plus 3 dogs).

Roko Island is one of the few islands of the Torres Strait open to visitors.

Located 6 miles from Seisia Main Land, it's only a 20 minute boat ride.

Roko Island is well known for it's very long floating jetty made of logs, floating barrels and hardwood.

Our facilities on land are limited but lifestyle is very comfortable. We generate our own power and rely on rain water to operate on the island.

We have an organic vegetable garden and lots of seafood for our daily needs.

Initially, Roko Island had been set up as a pearl farm but now in parallel with our pearl farming operations, we are running toursfishing charters and also overnight stays on Roko Island.







Roko Island via Seisia

Seisia QLD 4876

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